HR for Non HR Professionals

CredenceGlocalHR for Non HR Professionals

The organizational portfolio of Human Resource Management (HRM) is gradually depleting in its global context, not because of its role per se, but the same may be replaced with “ROBOTICS” and “JOB ENLARGEMENT” of all the line managers to be upgraded as a “PEOPLE MANAGER” as well along with their line function. This may happen across the industry in times to come, hence there is a need to bridge the gap between “HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERS” and “LINE MANAGERS” at this stage of “ROLE TRANSITION”.

The HR for Non- HR Professionals & Program has been designed to re-build & re-instate the PEOPLE MANAGEMENT strengths of the Line Managers. It may also help imbibe and practice the philosophy that- “Line Managers are the Best People Managers.” This program will benefit any manager or supervisor who has sufficient number of people in its team to lead.

It will also benefit all “Line Managers” with people management responsibilities; professionals and technical specialists who also have to perform team leadership or general management roles, as well as managers of small to medium organizations who want to enhance the performance of their staff. It may include but not restricted to:

  • Team Leaders and Project Leaders.
  • Senior and Middle level managers in Finance, Production, Operations and Marketing functions.
  • Unit Heads, Plant Heads and Manufacturing Site In-charges.
  • Managers who play multiple roles including HR but do not have formal HR orientation or education.