Entrepreneurship (e-ship) – Not A Trade, It’s a Trait


Entrepreneurship (e-ship) – Not A Trade, It’s a Trait

Any social set up has Leaders & Followers, it’s a situational slot where the role switching happens from Leaders to Followers and vice-e-versa, but generally people discard the truth due to their own aura of eminence revolving around success and prosperity.

e-ship does not necessarily mean to be an “Enterprise or Trade Creation” only, it is embedded as one of the human “Traits” in each individual. This intrinsic characteristic is channelized and sharpened through different types and times of socio-economic surroundings. But, eventually, it’s the necessity of a given society which produces more “Enterprising” people than the one which “Follows” it at a later stage during social advancement.

The process of inculcating or imbibing the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” in an individual or a group has an influence of the concept called “Nature Vs Nurture”.  The Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by “Innovation and Risk-taking” which has been persisting on the earth since time immemorial. Today, every hour on the earth, there are innumerable concepts, services and products being created to satisfy human needs. These creations are not only by some of these “Enterprises”, but there are people embracing those “Entrepreneurial Traits” helping these “Enterprises” in innovation and creation. Therefore, entrepreneurship can also be illustrated in the following manner:

e-trait  = entrepreneurship  as a trait

e-trade = entrepreneurship as a trade

Any social system like family or organization has some people within it whose “Entrepreneurial Quotient” is of high order to take the leadership position in turning the fate of that entity. That is where we come across “Stratification and Hierarchy” within different systems which co-exist to cater to the future needs of an organization.  However, there are some of them who intend to be different in fulfilling their life ambition turn out to be “Entrepreneurial Deviant” creating something which fits very well within the social structure as an “Enterprise”.

An enterprise adds value to the society at macro level by bringing in something new or improved for the benefits of each stakeholder which also engages people as employees. It creates employment opportunities and requirement of different skill sets. Whereas, an enterprising employee contributes in the innovation process of the organization but his identity takes a back seat due to the prominence of organizational identity. Times when, some people take the “Risk” to be an “Entrepreneurial Deviant”, to create something on their own to gratify their own aspirational need(s)……for greater value add to the society and to self.

The essence of e-ship is that one doesn’t need to be highly qualified or a scholar to become a thriving entrepreneur. They just need to have an Idea, Integrity, Courage & Audacity to go against all the odds and establish their own creation. They should have the fortitude to face their failures, learn from them and get back up on the feet. These are the e-traits which must be present in the individual, irrespective of their Knowledge, Qualification and Social Status, to become a successful entrepreneur and establish a sustainable e-trade.

Some of the common people in our society became Astounding Personality just by realizing these e-traits within themselves. For example Dhirubhai Ambani and Steve Jobs are exceptional demonstrators of this hidden e-traits. Dhirubhai Ambani was working at the oil filling station at the newly built harbor in Mumbai, wherein thoughts of building refinery first shaped his dream. Steve Jobs dropped out from college right after his first semester and joined a group known as Homebrew Computer Club. One of the members of that group was trying to build a small computer when Jobs became fascinated with marketing potential of such a computer and decided to build one by himself.

Both are from different horizons of the world with different culture, different society and different background but had common e-traits to stand out of the crowd  and nurtured the biggest Ventures of the world.

Hence, each one of us is expected to be OPTIMISTIC to enlarge the e-traits and become an employee to serve organization(s) or get into e-trade to serve the society and self in a much better manner than ever, but THE PRICE OF BECOMING A LONER, CREATING A PLACE IN THE ECO SYSTEM WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE VERY CONDUCIVE…. may be pernicious to compromise with.

Either we destine ourselves to serve enterprises with our hidden e-traits or be an “Entrepreneurial Deviant” and create an e-trade to change the fate for self and humanity.